Thread: Searching through a file

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    Searching through a file

    Hi all,

    I'm wondering if anyone could help me find out how to search through a file. I know how to read a file, write to one etc, but am not sure how to find a specific word within a file and then return it.

    I've done a search but cannot seem to find anything

    Please could somebody help?

    Thanks a lot,

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    it's sort of like searching an array of strings to find the one you want.

    declare an ifstream to read the file

    declare a string to acting as a holding variable

    declare a string to act as the target variable

    search the file using a loop

    each time through the loop read a new word into the holding variable and compare it to the target variable. If they are the same do something. If they are different do something different.

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    Thanks for your reply

    What do you mean by holding and target variables? Are those just normal variables with different purposes?


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