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    Console Application

    Why in these tutorials they are all done in Console Application, I mean what kind of program is writing on a black screen suppose to mean.
    It isn't like those window application programs where it has the grey background.
    I'm a newbie, so there.
    And could you also tell me why the program in console application, just disappears; as in you won't be able to read that last sentence you had written ?!?
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    The tutorials are done as console applications because those are much easier than Windows applications. It is important know the basics before moving on to advanced topics.

    As for the window closing before you can see the output, first read this:

    then read this:

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    Also dont underestimate the power in console apps. Even though I try to learn game programming with openGL some of the tools I write (for example to convert a bitmap to my own file format) is made with console because its fast and I dont have to spend 70+ codelines on just making the window show up.

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    Also, you can prove all your algorithms actually work properly in a console app before you bury them in a mass of detail.
    All you need is your algorithm, and a main() containing some printf()/cout statements showing what data you passed in, and what answers you got back.
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