Thread: Best free compiler?

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    Best free compiler?

    I've been using DJGPP for Windows and just realized I hit a stack size limit. I was wondering if DevC++ or MinGW have the same limitation or if there's an even better compiler. I really need to switch over to FreeBSD soon, programming would go so much smoother for me I think.

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    Try them and see. I haven't noticed any stack limitations with either.
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    Dev-C++ uses MingW...doesn't it? Even if it doesn't, Dev-C++ does a really good job. I haven't noticed any stack limitations while using it.

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    Dev-C++ uses a port of GCC and G++. Though I can be configured to use MingW also.

    Edit: I have exceeded the stack limitations using Dev-C++ before. Of course the same program exceeded the stack limitation on my Linux machine also. <shakes fist at deep recursion>

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    A true-DOS compiler?

    I believe that DJGPP is a true DOS compiler. It runs on Windows, and the resulting 16-bit execuitables will run on a Windows system, but the execuitables will also run on 16-bit DOS machines. This means that you are subject to the old DOS memory limitations.

    Compilers that generate Windows Console applications should be able to make programs that have access to Windows vitrual memory. In theory, you program could use all of the empty space on your hard drive as memory! In reality, I'm not sure what limitations exist for the various compilers. (A console program 'looks like' a DOS program, but will not run on a 16 bit DOS machine.)

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    Dev-C++ uses a port of GCC and G++. Though I can be configured to use MingW also.
    Actually, Dev-C++ by default uses the MinGW port of GCC (and of course G++).
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    stack limitation should depends on "system" not "compiler"

    [edit] and it should also depends on ram you have on your machine
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    DJGPP is NOT a 16 bit compiler - it is a 32 bit compiler which creates DOS protected mode applications.

    If the OP had bothered to read the DJGPP FAQ, fixing the problem would be easy.
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    as far as free compilation systems concern, I use Borland's freely available C++ compiler version 5.5:
    in addition to the MinGW toolset.


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    You know, you can get a copy of Visual Studio .NET for AU$170, if you're a student. It's definately worth your money.
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