Thread: Trying to write individual pixels to the screen

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    Trying to write individual pixels to the screen

    I am trying to write individual pixels onto the screen, preferrably in a window, but that isnt necessary. I need no other drawing tools, just pixels.

    I need to be able to do this very fast as I want to display the ouput from things like fluid dynamics systems in real time and other things which will gobble up processing power.

    I know I can write to the video memory, but I do not understand how.

    I am pretty new to C++ but have coded before, so I understand the basics at least.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of some good resources?

    I have looked at opengl, but cannot get writing pixels to work, I can do points, but these are incredibly slow.

    I am coding in dev-cpp, would anyone recommend any other good packages (free ones)?


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    There's probably some simple graphics libraries out there that you could use, but right now all I can think of is Allegro (a google search could probably find that pretty easily).

    Also you could try DirectX, but it may be a bit complicated for a new C++ programmer. The SDK is at msdn. I think you can get it to work with Dev-C++ (I was able to use the DirectX 8.0 sdk at least)

    You should probably search the game programming board also


    You could also look at SDL. If I remember correctly it isn't too complex, although I never used it much
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    Find the address of the video buffer and have fun!
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    Thank you

    I installed SDL, and had many problems.

    After reading the how-to's it worked perfectly!

    Runs nice'n'fast, and I can really easily write pixels to he screen once now I have found the function for it.


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