Thread: help allocating 2d array w/ new

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    help allocating 2d array w/ new

    WHY does this code not compile???:

    field_origin = new u8[field_size*6][field_size*10];
    Thanks for your help

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    >WHY does this code not compile???
    Sadly, you can't do what you're trying to do. To simulate a two dimensional array, you need to create an array of pointers and then for each pointer, create an array of T:
    int **a = new int*[10];
    for ( int i = 0; i < 10; i++ )
      a[i] = new int[10];
    Or you could save yourself some calls to new:
    int *a = new int[10 * 10];
    But that isn't as handy when it comes to syntactic sugar and resizing.
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    If you initialize the pointer to accept a 2 dimensional array it might work.

    At least this works in MS Visual C++ if you initialize the pointer to the same type as the 2 d array it will accept it.

    U8 (*field_origin)[field_size*10]; will create a pointer that is the same type as your array. field_size must be a constant though for it to work. I think U8 is equal to data type _int64 anyway here is the code i got to compile.

    	const int field_size=5;
    	_int64(*field_origin)[field_size*10]=new _int64[field_size*6][field_size*10];
    	int number=field_origin[0][0];
    	delete [] field_origin;
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