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    Getting a random number

    Hi. I posted yesterday, but didn't get a good enough idea of how to proceed. I have four classes in a card game: Card, Deck, Player, and Game. The Card class is as follows:
    class Card
        void setValue(int);
        int getValue();
        int value;
    Class Deck should not have a private section, or any data members.
    class Deck
        Card randomCard;
        int shuffle();
    The code for the last two classes is:
    class Player
        void enterName();
        void setName(string);
        string getName();
        int getTotal();
        int addCardValue(Card);
        string name;
        int total;
    class Game
        void enterPlayerInfo();
        void playGame();
        Player getWinner();
        void showGame(Player);
        void drawPlayer();
        void drawDealers();
        Player user;
        Player computer;
    There are a few things that I am having difficulty with. As someone suggested yesterday (I haven't posted to forums such as these for a while), I try to ask one question at a time.

    I'm not sure how to get a new randomly drawn card to show up.
    I am given the following to put into the Main function:
    int main()
      srand( (unsigned)time( NULL ) ); 
      return 0;
    My shuffle() member function looks like this:
    int Deck::shuffle()
      return rand() % 10;
    Now, I am not sure where to go from here. I was thinking of trying to incorporate the accessor functions in Card, to set a new number each time. I'm puzzled though. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Steve

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    > Class Deck should not have a private section, or any data members.
    Why not?
    I would think a deck would consist of 52 cards

    Shuffling the deck means something like
    swap( deck[i], deck[j] );
    a number of times

    And your Game class should consist of two Players and one Deck
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    From your previous post

    Your assignment instructions give you some pretty strange requirments.

    In your first post your assignment states that you only use cards 2 through 9, (pretty strange game of blackjack if you ask me) and that the shuffle is just the assignment of a random number well if you just get a random number between 0 and 7 you can add 2 to it to keep it in your range. but it is a requirement that you get a number between 0 and 9 oh well. just put in a comparision for if less then 2 get another number.

    from your assignment instructions
    // class Deck
    // Encapsulates a deck of cards.
    // Functionality (or Interface):
    // 1. Returns a randomly drawn Card object
    // 2. Shuffles the deck (for this assignment, this functionality
    // is defined as simply setting the random number generator)
    // Hint: Deck should not have a private section, or any data members.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smitsky
    Hi. I posted yesterday, but didn't get a good enough idea of how to proceed.
    Don't start a new thread for the same topic. It's permissable to replay to the same thread (and in fact is highly suggested)
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