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    My WINNT.H header file is corrupt. When I try to load the Windows.h header it gives me this error.

    c:\program files\microsoft visual studio\vc98\include\winnt.h(1092) : error C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before identifier 'KSPIN_LOCK'
    c:\program files\microsoft visual studio\vc98\include\winnt.h(1092) : fatal error C1004: unexpected end of file found
    I am using Visual C++ 6.0 with sp5, I am running windows XP home. If someone could upload a working Winnt.h header file that I could download I would appreciate it.


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    I ran into the same problem using Visual Studio 6.0. Seems like while trying to bypass some of the VS6 generated code (basetsd.h) I did something that corrupted the whole compiler. What I had to do was uninstall VS6 and reinstall it. Main point is that it is not a problem with your code (took me almost a week to figure that part out) or the winnt.h file.

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    Wow thats crazy. I have a found a few things that have messed up the compiler for me in the past. Sometimes a bsod during a debug will mess things up royally. One time I had a problem come up during a link (not quite sure what happened in that case). Only once have I ever had to reinstall because of such a thing. But thats weird that a compile would make things go so horribly wrong.

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    This also happened to me. Try including /decluding some headers and see what you got. Probably those are conflicts with redefinition of symbols.

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