Thread: Compiling in large memory model

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    Compiling in large memory model

    How do I compile a program in large memory model with borland command line? I it should be possible by typing bcc32 -ml xxx.cpp, but it doesn't work. Help?

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    You can only select a memory model for real DOS applications with the old 16 bit versions of the borland C compiler (bcc)... "bcc32" is the 32 bit compiler, and it generates a so-called "win32 console application" by default. You don't have to worry about memory models, unless you want to create a real (16 bit) DOS application.

    Hope this helps...

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    Is it possible to make real dos-programs with borland command line? When I try to compile vga-programs with it I get a program that crasches immediately and this is exactly the problem I heard you would get if you didn't compile in large memory model.
    Actually this isn't really necessary, I do have djgpp to compile dos-programs, but I sort of like borland better and it would be nice if I could use it.
    Is it possible?

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