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    Ah, yes - I see what you mean
    A real leaf has both left and right NULL pointers
    Your logic is looking better at the moment then - what results are you getting?
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    I hope i get it right this time:

    void BST::shortestPath(node *rt,stack &s,int minHt)
      if(rt == NULL)
       stack.push(rt); // store node during pre-traversal
       // check for whether min ht is reached and the last node is a leaf
       if( (minHt==0) && (rt->left == NULL) && (rt->right == NULL) )
       {s.print(); // print the value of the nodes 
       shortestPath(rt->left,s, minHt-1);
       shortestPath(rt->right,s, minHt-1);
       s.pop(); // remove node during post-treversal

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