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    compile error

    can a fucntion return multiple values ? probabily use of structure may help to return more than one values.

    i wrote a code, its giving compile error.

    using namespace std;
    struct test
    int flag;
    int x;
    char y;
    struct func(); // prototype
    int main()
    struct test d  = func();
    if (d.flag==1)  { cout<<"char returned"; cout<<d.y;}
    struct func()
    struct test c;
    if(ch<127) // checking whetehr ch is a char
       c.y= ch;
       return c;
    c.x = 100;
    return c;

    question 1. > why there is error ?

    question 2.> how can i fix those error?

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    > struct func(); // prototype
    You want the name of the struct as well
    struct test func(); // prototype

    Or since this is c++, you can simply do
    test func(); // prototype

    Don't forget to fix the actual function as well
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