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    Could anyone tell me anything about S-Expressions in C++ and how I would go about using it with a binary search tree?

    I appreciate any comments, thanks!
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    an s-expression is like this:

    ((wut woah huh) wut wut)

    nested lists

    so, you take your basic binary tree definition:

    tree {
    item item
    tree right, left

    and instead of treating right as `right', treat it as 'nest'

    so for every ( you encounter, open a new level of your `tree' and store everything you encounter up until ) in something pointed to by right

    use left to point to the next node in your list of items

    ( wut ( woah ) )


    node 1
    item - wut
    left - null
    right - node 2

    node 2
    item - woah
    left - null
    right - null

    i hope i am coherent
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