Thread: Vector Iteration Problems

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    Vector Iteration Problems

    Hi. I've declared a vector and now I want to add 1 to every spot in it that comes up from a random number generator. So if the number 6 came up I would want to increment vector[6] by 1. I have code that looks like it should be working but gives an error everytime the program is run.

    vector <unsigned> Dicegame::PlayGame (unsigned numPlays) 
            for (unsigned i = 0; i < myPlaysPerGame; i++) 
                    unsigned j = TossNDice(); 
            return myGameResult.size(); 
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    It looks like PlayGame() is supposed to return a vector of unsigned ints according to the initial line in the definition, but it is returning a single int (or maybe a size_type) according to the return statement.

    PlayGame takes a parameter called numPlays, but numPlays isn't used anywhere in the function.

    Place debugging lines like these or use your debugger to see if you can find where an error is that way:

    unsigned j = TossNDice();
    cout << "myGameResult[" << j << "] before the change is " << myGameResult[j] << endl;
    cout << "myGameResult[" << j << "] after the change is " << myGameResult[j]++ << endl;
    cout << "myPlays

    try substituting

    myGameResult[j] = myGameResult[j] + 1;



    if you aren't getting the results you expect.

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