Thread: starting to learn multi threading

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    starting to learn multi threading

    multi threading allows me to have several processes running parellal to each other allowing program to do 2 things at the same instance.

    i wish to learn multi threading, API style, for win 98
    anybody pls can recommend articles for a newbie like me to start learning this?

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    Are you really familiar with the basics of C++ programming yet?
    If you don't know what volatile means yet, then you're not ready for MT programming IMO
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    Volatile: (from Oct 2001 MSDN Library) declares an item whose value can legitimately be changed by something beyond the control of the program in which it appears, such as a concurrently executing thread.


    is a keyword does this mean that another thread cannot interfere with a program that you have running if this keyword was not used? I somehow beg to differ. I know nothing about thread programming so really I'm asking.


    Do DLLs execute in the same thread as the executables that implement them? If not (or if so) does this mean that DLLs are connected to the executables that implement them per the keyword

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