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    simple chat program

    This past summer I spent the majority of my free time writing a simple chat package for unix/linux which uses the message queue. This means it's only able to send messages to the same computer that the server is on. The idea was that I could put it on a server at school, and anyone telnetting in or at a terminal connected to that server could access the server with the client program. I'm sure there are still some bugs in it, so I dug it out to see if anyone would help me test out it's various features. Email me if you're interested, make the subject Simple Chat Package or SCP, and I'll send you the tar with everything you'll need. I have to warn you it doesn't have a terribly extensive ammount of documentation, since I didn't believe in documentation at the time, but I can clear up any questions anyone might have through email.

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    it occurred to me that you probably have no way of emailing me, it's - no junk mail please, ty

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