Thread: Some help needed with IRC

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    Some help needed with IRC

    Hello all,

    Me and some other guy are making a anti-cheat tool for counter-strike for some very popluair servers.

    I make cs plugin side, my friend develops the anti-cheat tool.

    So far everything went good, and everything works good. But we like to see a change, because the way it works is a bit crappy.

    Now i user needs to download the scan tool, run it, and the results will be send to a private irc channel, so admins can review them, and deside to ban players or not.
    BUT.. You will need to be connected to IRC to be able to upload the results, and alot of people dont have irc installed at there pc, so therefor we can only scan very little people.

    What we want, is the program to be able to connect itself to IRC and upload the results without the need of a IRC client already running.

    Now my friend is normally a graphics coder, so this part got a lil hard to do.

    What he exactly need, is A program where he can send lines of text to, and it output them in a IRC room.

    Can any one of you help me on here? By pointing out a program what is able to do this, or a source code with this ability's?

    Thanks in advanced

    Saint K.

    (sorry 4 the bit crappy english )

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    One of may results from your friend and mine: Google


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    Well look at that ! Great tnx

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