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    Help with default parameters

    // Listing 5.7 - demonstrates use
    // of default parameter values

    #include <iostream>

    int AreaCube(int length, int width = 25, int height = 1);

    int main()
    int length = 100;
    int width = 50;
    int height = 2;
    int area;

    area = AreaCube(length, width, height);
    std::cout << "First area equals: " << area << "\n";

    area = AreaCube(length, width);
    std::cout << "Second time area equals: " << area << "\n";

    area = AreaCube(length);
    std::cout << "Third time area equals: " << area << "\n";
    return 0;

    int AreaCube(int length, int width, int height)

    return (length * width * height);

    // my question is this, why is it not
    //possible to pass height without passing in
    //a width?
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    As soon as you pass a parameter rather than relying on a default parameter, you've got to pass in parameters for everything to the left of it. So without changing the order of your parameters, what you asked isn't possible.

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