Thread: create array with "new"

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    create array with "new"

    i can create an array that way :

    int *ptrArray = new int[5] //array with 5 elements

    but i cant create a bidimensional array this way. why? any help?

    int *ptrArray = new int[5][5] //array with 25 elements

    because the compiler generate the following error message:
    C:\programas c++\ejer8_12\arreglos2.cpp(12) : error C2440: '=' : cannot convert from 'int (*)[1]' to 'int *'

    please esxcuse my poor english

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    It's just a matter of getting the type correct
    int (*ptrArray)[5] = new int[5][5];

    But this only works when all the minor dimensions are constant.
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    got it , thanks salem

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