Thread: Help convert char to int

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    Help convert char to int

    I know how to convert a char to an int using atoi but how do I convert a single digit int to a char???? thanks.

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    try itoa() if your compiler comes with the non-standard conio.h file and your are willing to use non-standard material or use the standard compliant stringstream class and extract the char you want from the string which is derived.

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    use itoa. It's not portable so, if you just want a sigle int to char, you could do something like:
    char int_to_char(int input)
      if(input<0 || input>9){
        std::cerr<<"Wrong int taken as input"<<std::endl;
        return '0';
      return reinterpret_cast<char>(input + 48);
    What we do is:
    First, we check that the number is appropiate for conversion.
    If the number is not right, then we output error and return a zero (char), because we need to return something.
    We add 48 to the int. This gives us the ascii code for the number (48 ascii is 0 int).
    Then we let the compiler reinterpret the number as a char, that way, the correct number will be returned.

    This will only work for numbers between 0 and 9. No other numbers will be made into chars.
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    >I know how to convert a char to an int using atoi but how do I convert a single digit int to a char????
    Provided the int is really a single digit you can simply add '0' to it:
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
      int num = 5;
      char digit = char ( num + '0' );
      cout<< num <<'\t'<< digit <<endl;
    If at any point you want multiple digit numbers to a string you will need to use sprintf or stringstreams. Don't use itoa because there are standard alternatives.

    >return '0';
    Not a good error code. Perhaps returning an obviously invalid char, or throwing an exception would be better suited.

    >return reinterpret_cast<char>(input + 48);
    reinterpret_cast is used for type conversions between two types that are unrelated. There's no need for it here. A static_cast would be better for removing the warning. And why use 48? That just makes the function less portable. Use '0' instead to avoid assuming ASCII.
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    I was going to point out what Prelude just did... instead of using char(input+48), which requires you to memorize that the character '0' is dec 48 in the ASCII chart, you could just do char(input+'0')

    that also is more readable... unless you put a comment saying that 48 is the ASCII dec equivalent for '0', people might not know what you're talking about
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