Thread: How to count characters, but not spaces?

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    Prelude's code with modification
    #include <cctype>
    while ( inFile.get ( c ) ) {
      cout<< c;
      if ( c == '\n' ) {
        charcount = 0;  //  it's a new line so let's start counting from zero again 
      else if ( !isspace ( c ) )
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    Just count the characters in one line, when you reach \n simply output whatever message you see fit, and set charCount = 0; ready for the next line.

    If you're having trouble, post your latest code.

    Tip: Don't use this code to control a loop:
    while (!inFile.eof())
    It's a bad habbit. There's an explanation of why here:
    That's a C FAQ, but the principle still stands. You can code your way out of it and still use eof(), but its better not to.

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    Yeah!!! I think I can do this. Thanks a tera-bunch for helping me out.

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