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    getting pixel information


    Does anyone know how to retrieve the pixel color information for any particular pixel on the screen? I know it works with bitmaps using unsigned getpixel (int x, int y); but I need a function to retrieve any pixel. Is this even possible?

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    Details, details, give us some details!

    What graphics API are you using?

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    Graphics API? Uh. . .win32, I guess. I'm not vying for the Turing Award, I just want to know if there's a function for getting pixel info.

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    Posting this question on the windows board might have been a better idea but, given the current hideous state of the boards, posting just about anywhere is going to be horrible. (<-- at least this guy still looks 'normal' ... edit: well, he started off normal but has verily become possess-ed by demons.)

    You can use GetPixel provided you have a handle to the desktop device context which can be obtained by using CreateDC:
    /*eg. get colour at current pixel coordinates*/
    COLORREF clr;
    HDC      hdcScrn;
    POINT    pt;
    At least that code block didn't get nasty scrollbars inserted...
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    Works great, Ken. Thanks.

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