Thread: c# , c , c++ ???

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    Question c# , c , c++ ???

    Hi all

    Im sure you get this alot, But between c# , c and c++ which is the better if any and why.

    Im studying and are currently learning c++ and im getting alot of questions from friends that are learning c# and c , what the difference is...


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    There is no better language among them.
    C is the oldest. It is a strictly procedural, system-near, simple (in terms of functionality) language. Driver development, OS development, application development, all these are for C, especially if you need speed.
    C++ is the next. C-like language, enhanced with OOP and templates and similar things, provided with an excellent standard library to ease the most tedious tasks of C. OS development and application development are the main realms of C++. Speed depends heavily on the programmer and the compiler, it can be as fast or faster than C, but it can be very slow too.
    C# is a young language, designed for RAD development, but it lacks the execution speed for games and such.
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