Thread: compile. continue coding. get error from code thats unchanged

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    compile. continue coding. get error from code thats unchanged

    i've been continuing to code my file system class today and earlier i added the function FindFirstFile() to my constructor to give it a fndfile handler. when i tired to compile it said it couldn't convert string1 to type const char *. so i made string1 a const char* and then it said it couldn't convert it to a string! i fiddled around a bit and eventually all the errors dissapeared ( i even manged to replace the string by a function that returns a string. whoopee!). problem is i can't remember what i did (some crummy little detail probably)

    all's well untill i tried to actually code the fileExist function. coded it, tried to compile and i got the same error from the constructor again! i tried reverting my code back to what it was and i still get the same error. there are two reasons

    1) theres one little tiny piece of code that is breaking the whole thing

    2) theres somthing in my IDE/compiler (dev c++/mingw) that i havent undestood which is making it not compile right

    heres the code

    file: fsystem.class.h
    class C_fsystem
               string SZ_fpath;
               string SZ_fname;
               string SZ_fexten;
               HANDLE H_fileExists;
               WIN32_FIND_DATA findFileData;
               void setPath(const string& TMP_buffer){ SZ_fpath = TMP_buffer;}
               void setName(const string& TMP_buffer){ SZ_fname = TMP_buffer;}
               void setExten(const string& TMP_buffer){ SZ_fexten = TMP_buffer;}
               string fullName(void);
               C_fsystem(const string& PARAM_path, const string& PARAM_name, const string& PARAM_exten);
               int fileExists(void);
    //this will output the full path
    string C_fsystem::fullName(void)
    string TMP_path = SZ_fpath;
    TMP_path += SZ_fname;
    TMP_path += ".";
    TMP_path += SZ_fexten;
    C_fsystem::C_fsystem(const string& PARAM_path, const string& PARAM_name, const string& PARAM_exten)
    SZ_fpath = PARAM_path;
    SZ_fname = PARAM_name;
    SZ_fexten = PARAM_exten;
    string TMP_fullName = SZ_fpath+SZ_fname+"."+SZ_fexten;
    H_fileExists = FindFirstFile(fullName(), findFileData);
    int C_fsystem::fileExists(void)
    file: main.cpp
    #define _WIN32_WINNT 0x0400
    //standard includes
    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;
    #include <fstream.h>
    #include <windows.h>
    #include <shellapi.h>
    #include <fsystem.class.h>
    int main()
      C_fsystem myfile("D:\\my documents 2\\robin\\cpp sources\\terraserve\\", "main", "cpp");
      cout<<myfile.fullName()<<": checking for this file...."<<endl;
    compiler results:
    In file included from d:\my documents 2\robin\cpp sources\terraserve\main.cpp:17:
    D:\MYDOCU~1\ROBIN\CPPSOU~1\TERRAS~2\fsystem.class. h: In method `C_fsystem::C_fsystem(const string &, const string &, const string &)':
    D:\MYDOCU~1\ROBIN\CPPSOU~1\TERRAS~2\fsystem.class. h:34: cannot convert `string()' from type `string' to type `const CHAR *'

    much respect to you if you take the time to look though this, i know what its like

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    H_fileExists = FindFirstFile(fullName().c_str(), &findFileData);
    and maybe
    int C_fsystem::fileExists(void)
      return(H_fileExists != INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE);
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    And it's also considered bad practise to put any sourcecode in header files. You should just have declarations there.
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    it did it again

    i tried coding in my fileExists function, and it compiled fine. then when i made a call to it from main, and compiled again, it stopped working. now ive put .c_str() at the end of and it's working again. oh well, at least it works (even though it worked better before...)

    edit for Xsquared: sorry, didn't see your post. so i have to declare what in the header file? just the class and variables+prototypes in the header and then all functions in a .cpp file?
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