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    Database / Tex

    I'm sure some of this program will be in C++ so...

    I'd like to write a program that automatically produces tex files for high school math test. This involves having a database of questions and answers. Each question and answer will be a block of text. The database may have thousands of questions to chose from.

    How should I store the database of questions so that I don't have to load them all into a giant array of questions and answers? If I want to use questions 5, 11 and 99 the program should just go and get those questions from the database file. Is this a job for something like SQL? (I've never used database software other than goofing around with MS Works and Office)


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    Store all the questions in one line in the file.
    To get the desired questions,
    1) read each one,
    1a) if it's one you want to keep save it
    2) repeat until you have all the questions you need.

    Using a database and SQL can be difficult, but that can work as well. For the simplicity of your task, a text dile would work fine.
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