Thread: How to get rid of an unwanted function return value?

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    How to get rid of an unwanted function return value?

    Hello. The function square() in my program is returning a "0"
    after each time it is called. I understand why it is doing it,
    but I don't know how to tell it that I don't want it to do it.
    For example this is what the output looks like:
    x = 1, a = 3
    Y is equal to 1.75
    Y is equal to 1.73214
    Y is equal to 1.73205
    Y is equal to 1.73205
    .... on and on, for each value of x and a that I have assigned.

    What I don't want is that 0 at the bottom.

    What the program does is it uses a divide and average
    algorithm to find the square of a number.
    I like what I have so far
    but I am wondering if I used the wrong kind of loop for the problem at hand.
    The reason I chose to do it this way is because
    using the cout statements like I did is the way I
    am most familiar with to get values to the program
    without having to manually enter them.
    And the only way I know how to do it that way is by using a function to assign the values to.
    Essentially I have two questions:
    1. Can that 0 be gotten rid of, or atleast put some
    meaningful data in its place....
    or 2. Am I just plain going about this the wrong way?

    #include <iostream>
    #include <cmath>
    using namespace std;
    double x;  // initial approximation
    double a;  // number that I am looking for the square root of.
    double y;  // answer
    double g;  // x - a/x
    const double errorAllow = 1.0e-5;  // this is the control number to stop the while loop.
    double square(double x, double a); // function to do the actual number munching.
    int main()
        cout << square(1.0, 3.0) << "\n";   // give the program some numbers to play with
        cout << square(10.0, 3.0) << "\n";  // However, this style has an unwanted behavior
        cout << square(0.01, 3.0) << "\n";  // of displaying a zero after each loop is 
        cout << square(100.0, 3.0) << "\n"; // completed. 
        cout << square(1.0, 4.0) << "\n";
        cout << square(2.0, 4.0) << "\n";
     double square(double x, double a) 
        cout << "x = " << x << ", a = " << a << "\n"; // lets the user know what numbers are being used.
    	y = (x + a/x) / 2;  // init a value for x,y, and g for the while loop to work with.                          
              x = y;
        g = x - a/x;
        if (g == 0)         
    	cout << "x is a perfect square of a!\n";
    	while (g >= errorAllow)
    	x = y;
    	y = (x + a/x) / 2;
            g = x - a/x;
    	cout << "Y is equal to " << y << "\n";
    	//return x,y;   // NOT BEING VERY USEFUL!		
    	 return 0;
     /* this code was to manually enter in values for x and a 
     ** for debugging, I moved it here to get it out of my way */
    	/*	cout << "Enter a value for x: " << x <<"\n";
    	cin >> x;
    	cout << "\nEnter a value for a: " << a <<;
    	cin >> a; */
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    Store the return value of the function in a variable. If the value is 0 don't output, otherwise output the variable.

    double result;
    if( (result = square(1.0,3.0)) != 0.0 ) cout << result << '\n';
    if( (result = square(10.0,3.0)) != 0.0 ) cout << result << '\n';
    etc. etc.
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    The value '0' is printed out by main(), upon return from square().

    square() should return y, not 0!

    No need to store it in a variable; your original works (after you fix the return statement in square()).


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    Your square() function always returns zero!

    cout << square(1.0, 3.0) << "\n";
    ... Will print whatever square() returns. (zero)

    I think you want to return y.

    A function can only return ONE value. This wont work...
    return x,y;
    ... You can use pointers or references (which you may not have learned yet) if you need to "affect" more than one variable.

    And REALLY, you are computing a SQUARE ROOT, NOT A SQUARE!!!! (You can abbreviate it as "root", but not as square.)
    The square of 2 is 4, the square root of 4 is 2... But I think you knew that.

    [EDIT] -
    ... And I'm assuming that you want to "roll your own" algorithm. There is a sqrt() as well as pow() function in the <math> header file.

    #include <math>
    double sqrt( double num ); // returns square root.
    double pow( double base, double exp );  // returns base to the exp power
    You can also get a square root by raising a number to the one-half power:

    x = pow(y, 0.5); // x = the square root of y
    x = pow(y, 0.333); // x = (approximate) cube-root of y
    x = pow(y, 0.25); // x = 4th root of y
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    Thanks for the input. I fixed it up, using abit from each of you. I moved the "return y" statement to where the "return 0" statement was, and then added text to the cout's so that when the program executes it displays:
    x = 1, a = 3
    Y is equal to 1.75
    Y is equal to 1.73214
    Y is equal to 1.73205
    Y is equal to 1.73205
    The square root of 3 is: 1.73205

    No more 0. Cool. Thanks.
    Semper Fi!

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