class Neighbor
EnumerateEdges *ee;

Bool Init(LONG pcnt, Polygon *vadr, LONG vcnt, BaseSelect *bs);

void GetEdgePolys(LONG a, LONG b,LONG *first,LONG *second) {
C4DOS.Nb->GetEdgePolys(ee,a,b,first,second); }

void GetPointPolys(LONG pnt, LONG **dadr, LONG *dcnt) { C4DOS.Nb->GetPointPolys(ee,pnt,dadr,dcnt); }

LONG GetEdgeCount(void);
PolyInfo *GetPolyInfo(LONG poly) { return C4DOS.Nb-GetPolyInfo(ee,poly); }

I cant work out how to access the data from the pointer (**) of the GetPointPolys function

the pointer points to an array of Longs that contain information about polygons connected to a point.
I need just to know how to get this pointer correctly so I can the ready the polygon numbers.

thanks for any help

paul everett