Thread: OMG can some please help?

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    yah i didnt mean too.
    I was trying to post a img there and the [img] tags apparently dont work so i tried to edit and delete but I had to put soemthing do i put that
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    You can delete your posts. Just hit edit, check the delete this post box, and then hit the delete button.
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    ook thx
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    Originally posted by alphaoide
    Maybe, I guess, most likely, I don't do C.
    It just that when the function is called within the main, the compiler need to check if the parameters match. That's way if you define the function after the main(), the prototype is required before main().
    int mult(int x, int y){
       return x * y;
      int main(void){
        int x = 3;
        int y = 2;
        int c = mult(x,y);
        printf("hello there 3 times 2 is %d, and i'm calling this function inside main without a prototype",
        return 0;
    This code works fine . I compiled it with dev c++ 4.0.
    I suppose it makes sense since a #define macro can also be used as a fucntion and is defined outside of main.

    Maybe when the code is longer there are potential problems. The best bet of course is to follow ANSI standards and do your prototyping.
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