Thread: How to tackle a debug assertion failure?

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    How to tackle a debug assertion failure?

    My application during run causes a debug assertion failed with an expression _BLOCK-TYPE_IS_VALID(pHead->nBlockUse) in the file dbgheap.c (line 1017).

    I understand that the problem is related to some kind of memory allocation and nothing much beyond this. I am writing and reading structs to/from files created in the program. The application reads from the created file but then gives the aforementioned error message.

    First in the class Change_setting (derived from CDialog) I have written a file by the name "Group". For writting the file I am using a structure type.

    Then in another class (of the same project)CLPDATADlg(again derived from CDialog) I try to read the file with the same structure. But after reading the file it gives the above error:

    Below is the code for writting and reading files.

    void Change_Setting::OnUpdateConfig()
    struct Configuration
    int portAdd;
    CString TimerClk;

    struct Configuration Config1;
    CString str4;
    fstream file("GROUP", ios:ut|ios::in);
    if (!file){
    MessageBox("Cannot Open

    char *end;
    Config1.portAdd = strtol(str4,&end,16);
    Config1.TimerClk = strin7;

    void CLPDATADlg::RUN()
    struct Configuration1
    int portAdd;
    CString TimerClk;

    struct Configuration1 Config2;
    char str2[25],strin10[25];
    CString strg2,strg4,strg6,strg8;
    fstream in("GROUP", ios::in|ios::binary);
    if (!in){
    MessageBox("Cannot Open
    portA = Config2.portAdd;

    Please help me.....I am very badly stuck.


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    Sorry don't know the anwser to your problem. But I also had some asertoin failures. but I lost them with changing my code. My question is: What are assertion failures?

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    > in the file dbgheap.c (line 1017).
    This is going to be responsible for dynamic memory allocation (via new or malloc).

    Basically, between your previous call to new/malloc (which was successful), and this call (which wasn't), your code managed to corrupt the heap in some way - probably by overrunning the end of a previously allocated block.

    You need to check your use of any dynamic memory, to make sure you're not overrunning the ends.

    Other possibilities
    - using memory after you've done delete/free on it
    - using memory before you've called new/malloc
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