Thread: Need a Borland Compiler:

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    Question Need a Borland Compiler:

    I need a copy of C++ Borland Compiler that is workable. I have

    gone to Borland website to download the freeware copy but that

    does not work well when I compile and run my program. I will

    highly appreciate any help.


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    So you blame the compiler rather than blame your code for the errors?

    How about you post some code which breaks your compiler for us to comment on
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    Are you sure you installed the compiler properly? It isn't as simple as downloading an installer and executing it.
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    Do you need specifically Borland's compiler for Borland libraries, or will any C++ IDE do?
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    While no compiler is perfect, the Borland compiler is quite compliant to the language standard. And, I saw a survey once indicating that it was, by far, the most popular free compiler.

    Maybe your program has errors.
    Maybe you haven't figured-out how to configure and use the compiler. (Getting a compiler set-up is usually a pain!)
    Maybe your program was written for another compiler (using that compiler's non-standard library functions.)

    If you want to spend a couple of days playing around with different compilers, there is a list of free compilers at The Bloodshed package seems to be quite popular. (Sometimes its good to have a popular compiler so that there are other users to help if you have problems with it.)

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