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    >Someone should add a "How to use Google" tutorial to this site. On the other hand, maybe not, we couldn't look like "experts" if just anyone could go and get the information from Google/MSDN/Man!
    If you don't know what to search for, how are you supposed to find what you are looking for??

    What type of sound card do you have liams7? We would probably be able to answer your question more thoroughly then.
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    im going to ignore that tronic...

    anyway, i'd suggest going w/ a library made by someone else. that way it will work on any (well most technically) sound cards so you have more portability. any of the ones mentioned should work fine. most have pretty decent documentation and shouldn't be very hard to learn.
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    Since you use MS Dev Studio you probably have access to DirectX. DirectShow can play MP3's very easily. Some person posted some DirectShow code for a game engine, in the game forum I believe. I dunno how well it will work for your embedded system though.

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