Thread: *char comditional matching problem

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    *char comditional matching problem

    let's say this code:

    char bufferx[] = "abc~defghi"
    char buf[111];
    char *a_full_parm(const char *bufferx)
    	int i =0;
    	int j = 0;
    	int bkm;
    	for(i=0; i< 256; i++)  
    		if (bufferx[i] == '~')
    			bkm= i;
    			for(j=0; j < bkm ; j++)
    				buf[j] = bufferx[j];
    			buf[j] = '\0';
    			return buf;

    how i need to match it

    if (full_parm(buffer ) == "abc") <=== BIG PROBLEM
    {do something}

    but i cant match it coz itz not exactly the same??
    do i need to do casting??
    how do i go about doing the matching to "abc" here?

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    Read about strcmp() in your manual pages
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    Or use std::string, since it has overloaded the == and != operators.

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    you can't compare a char* to a hardcoded string in this fashion. Your logic is right, but things aren't happening as you would like them to.

    Take Salem's advice.

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