Thread: What is float equivalent of INT_MAX?

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    What is float equivalent of INT_MAX?

    Hi all,
    I have a 32-bit processor, and I believe floats are generally given 23 bits for the mantissa, but I want to know for sure. However I'm running Red Hat Linux 9.0, which has no float.h that I can find, even though /usr/include/c++/3.2.2/cfloat seems to include it?? The cfloat header looks like this:

    #ifndef _CPP_CFLOAT
    #define _CPP_CFLOAT 1
    #pragma GCC system_header
    #include <float.h>
    but a 'find' doesn't yield any float.h anywhere on my system.

    My floats are 4 bytes in size, but how can I find how those 32 bits are actually structured, other than writing a for loop that just spits out the biggest number it can, then seeing how many bits are required to represent that number?

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    float.h is stored in a funny place

    g++ -MD prog.cpp

    Then read the prog.d file for where everything actually came from.
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    wow, that's a handy trick. Thanks! It is weird that it's stored under a redhat directory, but that certainly answered my question.

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