Thread: Where do I put what in the implementation file?

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    Where do I put what in the implementation file?

    Hey all,

    I'm having a bit of trouble understanding this all...

    I want to create a BinaryString class that holds a single array of characters (thus a single char*) and manages it as if it is a binary string that represents a number...

    It should be able to perform operations such as:
    BinaryString * a = new BinaryString(5);
    BinaryString b = *a;
    const BinaryString * c = new BinaryString(b);
    delete a;
    I'm just wondering: where do I put all these declarations in the implementation file & what are they actually meant to do?

    Heres what I've got so far (no idea whether I'm even on the right track):

    #ifndef BINARYSTRING_H
    #define BINARYSTRING_H
    class BinaryString {
    		BinaryString( const char * );			//constructor
    		BinaryString( unsigned int );			//constructor
    		BinaryString( const BinaryString & );		//copy constructor
    		~BinaryString();				//destructor
    		BinaryString& operator=( const BinaryString& );	//assignment
    		unsigned int getValue() const;
    		const char * getString() const;
    #endif /* BINARYSTRING_H */
    #include "BinaryString.h"
    using namespace myutilities;
    BinaryString::BinaryString( const char * a ) {
    	if(this == &a)
    		return *this;
    	delete getString();
    	BinaryString *a = new BinaryString(5);
    	return *this;
    BinaryString::BinaryString( unsigned int b ) {
    	BinaryString b = *a;
    BinaryString::~BinaryString() {
    	delete GetString();
    BinaryString& BinaryString::operator=( const BinaryString& c ) {
    	const BinaryString *c = new BinaryString(b);
    I'm very confused...
    Can anyone help?

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    Well you seem to be roughly on the right track in terms of structuring the source and header files.

    However, your class lacks any data members
    		char *theString;
    A constructor would look like this
    BinaryString::BinaryString( const char * a ) {
      theString = new char[ strlen(a) + 1 ];
      strcpy( theString, a );
    Your BinaryString( unsigned int ); would need to turn say an integer 5, into a binary string "101", then use the above constructor.
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