Thread: How to check the results of new (memory allocation)

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    Question How to check the results of new (memory allocation)

    I was trying to figure out if there is a portable method for finding out if using "new" succeeded. For example:

    int* temp = new int[5000];

    If the memory is not allocated for any reason, how can I find out, so I may free some memory up.


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    straight from the help source...

    Handling Errors for the new Operator

    You can define a function to be called if the new operator fails. To tell the new operator about the new-handler function, use set_new_handler and supply a pointer to the new-handler. If you want new to return null on failure, you must use set_new_handler(0).
    i got this from bc45's help, and i would assume it's portable, but i wouldn't know for sure...
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    The new statement returns a pointer to the allocated location (if it succeeded)
    I'd say just check for null (but check the compiler docs) That's pretty easy.
    a bad_alloc exception may be thrown by some compilers.

    int *ptr; 
    ptr = new int[size];
    if( null == ptr )
     // memory allocation failure

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