Thread: Finding Values within a text file

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    Finding Values within a text file

    Hi folks,

    I need to extract some data (float) from a text file, and then write it to another text file in a listed format, for example,

    .. etc

    The file I want to extract the data from has the following format, the data required is higlighted in red.

    Packet 1: 00:09:5B:68:ED:4C -> 00:09:5B:2F:B6:74
    Destination Address: 00:09:5B:2F:B6:74
    Source Address: 00:09:5B:68:ED:4C
    Network: Ethernet, Frame type: ETHERTYPE, Protocol: 0x0800 IP
    Frame network size (including 4 bytes CRC): 1518
    Time: 13h:29m 41.411 822s, Diff. time: 0.000000 Date: Sat Dec 06 2003
    IP: ->

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    If that record format is consistent then you could simply read until you match "time:". After that the next input is your floating-point value, then you can start over reading until a match for "time:" is found.
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