Thread: can anybody tell me a site for solved problems in c++?

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    can anybody tell me a site for solved problems in c++?

    i want a site to write many problems and have its solutions ,i am looking every day without any result ,as i understand c++ ,but i need problems solved to have more experience
    anyway ,thx for any suggestions

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    can anybody plzzzzzzzzzz answer i am waiting

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    Hello Amira

    I am from Egypt too and welcome in this forum

    about your question I really dont know specific site for that but you can find in any reference concerning C++ problems after each chapter .. you can try to solve these problems and if you face any troubles you can ask in any forums ... I suggest here and you will find the perfect answer for sure

    but anyway there is a site i know which include problems and solutions for these problems ... try this site

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    My first suggestion would be to learn patience - bumping your thread after 45 minutes like the world owes you something.

    This site has lots of questions
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    Question Thinking in C++

    You can download the book Thinking in C++ by Bruce Eckel free. You can also download the
    solutions to the exercises in volume 1, but they are not free ($20 USD).

    Suggestion: Read the Forum Guidelines. There's a note about "bumping threads" and some other suggestions to help you use the board more effectively.

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