Thread: accessing varible in a c++ class

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    Question accessing varible in a c++ class

    I have a program that is trying to access a varible from a class in a porgram. For example

    the varible customer is my Account.h file and in my Bank.h I have another varible called Account savings, they are both arrays.

    In my Bank.cpp file I have to take the info from Account savings and put in the customer varible.

    the line of code looks like this


    and I get the error something like
    can't access the private member varible

    What is the problem, keep in mind that I have added the includes for Account.h and Bank.h in Bank.cpp


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    A couple of ideas....

    Make sure that the member variable is public.

    I'm not going to attempt the syntax off the top of my head, but... Somtimes I've had to pass a pointer-to-an-object into a member function in another class. Make sure all of your variables are in-scope. All the variables that your function uses have to be passed-into the function (directly, via pointers, or via references).

    And, it's usually considered better to make the member variables private, and provide a public accessor function, which is a public member function that returns the particular variable, rather than directly accessing the member variable.
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