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    OO problem

    Can you please show me the error in this:
    // header.h
    // each class have a function that takes a pointer to an object of the other class
    class c1{
    	void f1(c2* c2p);
    class c2{
    	void f2(c1* c1p);
    // implementation
    #include "header.h"
    void c1::f1(c2* c2p){
    void c2::f2(c1* c1p){
    void main(){
    	c1 ca;
    	c2 cb;
    I get errors:
    C2061: syntax error : identifier 'c2'
    C2511: 'f1' : overloaded member function 'void (class c2 *)' not found in 'c1'

    Thanks in advance.

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    Put class c2; on the line just above your c1 class declaration. At the point when the compiler is looking at the c1 declaration, it has never heard of c2 and doesn't know what that is.

    Also note that it should be int main(), not void.

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