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    1) Is there anyway to get the number of lines in a text file without having to scan through the whole file?

    2) How do I compare if a date falls in between a starting date with a duration. eg. Starting date = 1st March Duration 5 days. check if a user entered date falls in between it.

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    1) there's a command in unix wc -l that returns #lines
    2) check if users enter the starting month
    check if the date occurs during the duration date

    IF month_input == month_start
        IF date_input >= date_start AND date_input =< date_end
            THEN date input falls within the duration date
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    1) not that I know of

    2) use month numbers, not month names, then set up the protocol yourself. Use pencil and paper. Here's a general outline of how I would do it.

    general protocol:
    obtain start date
    loop five times through starting at start date
    advance date 1 day at a time
    if given date equals any of the five given dates in loop then it falls inside the loop.

    advance date protocol:
    if month == 1 && date == 31 advance month by 1 and date = 1;
    else if month == 2 && not leap year days == 28 advance month by 1 and date = 1;
    else if month == 12 && date == 31 then advance year by 1 and date and month = 1;
    else advance date by one

    leap year protocol:
    you can look it up

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