Thread: really dumb beginner question on include

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    really dumb beginner question on include

    ok, i got this:

    a cpp file declaring a class, with it's header file containing function prototypes.

    another cpp file containing a new class of objects of the previous class with another header file for it.

    now, what do i include where. I think i kinda overdid it a bit by including everything everywhere, cause now i get "redefinition of class blahblah"...


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    Declarations that you want to use in different files go in headers. Definitions of functions in those headers go in their own source files. Be sure to use inclusion guards on your headers to avoid multiple inclusion:
    #ifndef SOMEHEADER
    #define SOMEHEADER
    // Stuff goes here
    Now just include the headers wherever you need them and compile the source files with the rest of your project if they aren't already object files. Then you would just link them.
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