Thread: DevCPP assignment question

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    DevCPP assignment question

    Im having problems with compiler warnings. This is what i came up with to fix it.

    double d_x, d_y;
    int i_z, i_a;
    d_x = d_y * (double) i_z;
    i_a = (int) d_x;
    Now this is fine ('cuase it works), but i wish i could use this next method and not get any warnings. Any ideas?

    double d_x;
    int i_z, i_a;
    i_z = i_a * d_x;
    Oh the compiler warning is "assignment to int from double". Thanks.
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    I think the point is there is a typecast involved.
    Shouldnt be too difficult to accomodate with a few extra characters, as in your first example.
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    As per your second method, Why would you want to multiply a double by an int and save it to an int ? WOuldn't it be wiser to save it to a double ?
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    Re: DevCPP assignment question

    double d_x;
    int i_z, i_a;
    i_z = int(i_a * d_x);
    Typecast it

    your code here....


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