Thread: Limit the scope of a define?

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    Question Limit the scope of a define?

    I am currently working with some pstat functions that require me to us the -D_PSTAT64 compile option. This would be fine except that it causes other pstat functions to report incorrectly. How do I limit the scope of such a statement. My first hunch is to not use the compiler flag and do something like the following:

    int main ( void ) {
      // setup code as needed ...
    #ifndef( _PSTAT64 )
    #define _PSTAT64
       // what ever needs to be done in this space....
    // What ever needs to be done out of the _PSTAT64 space...
      return( EXIT_SUCCESS );
    However, when trying to use the pstat structure that is required to have _PSTAT64 defined the compiler tells me that "the type-specifier-list contains an incomplete class ."

    Now if I remove the manually created define for _PSTAT64 and use the compiler flag -D_PSTAT64 the code compiles but it causes other pstat functions to report incorrectly.

    Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

    As always, I give great thanks to all those who reply.



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    The symbol must be defined before you #include the header, not when you use the code.

    Therefore, within a file there is generally no way to have some code that "uses" the symbol and some that does not.

    However, you can #define a symbol before #including the header in some files and not others.

    #define _PSTAT64
    #include <pstat.h>
    // _PSTAT64 space
    #include <pstat.h>
    // non _PSTAT64 space
    Of course if you then pass data types that are altered on the basis of _PSTAT64 between files you will run into trouble.

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    Thanks to everyone.


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