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    Question Min/Max Numbers

    Hi all,

    I just started a C++ class and have figured out that I can't quit my day job! I have a simple problem - figure out the average, minimum, and maximum numbers for a list of numbers that I enter with -1 to end the listing.

    I have been struggling for 3 days on how to get the min & max numbers. I have tried a few diferent things, but I just can't think it out in my head in a logical code way!

    Now I can't even get the average to work - it WAS working before I started in again trying to do the min & max.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I don't want anyone to do it for me, but an explanation of how I can accomplish this would be great! The code I have altered at least 50 times is below.

    thanks mz

    //"This program calculates the average score, minimum score and maximum score."
    #include <iostream.h>
    void main()
    {	float tscore=0.0, sumscore = 0.0, count = 0.0, average;
    //	int minscore, maxscore;
    	cout <<"Enter a list of positive values (ending with  -1):";
    	cin >> tscore; 
    //		for (maxscore=minscore=tscore; tscore > -1;); {
    //			if (tscore < minscore) 
    //				minscore = tscore;
    //				else if (tscore > maxscore) 
    //					maxscore = tscore;  }
    		while (tscore > 0.0)
    		sumscore = sumscore + tscore;
    		count = count + 1;
    		cin >> tscore;
    	average = sumscore / count;
    	cout << "The average is :"  <<average << endl;
    //	cout << "The minimum score is :"  <<minscore << endl;
    //	cout << "The maximum score is :"  <<maxscore << endl;

    PS It is always good to try new things, if for nothing else, to see how some things just aren't for you.

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    Re: Min/Max Numbers

    Originally posted by mzt
    		for (maxscore=minscore=tscore; tscore > -1;); {
    //			if (tscore < minscore) 
    //				minscore = tscore;
    //				else if (tscore > maxscore) 

    sorry but i didnt understand this code

    why didnt you use while instead of for??

    trythe following code

    using namespace std;
    int main()
       int count=0;
       double score,sum,av,max,min;  sum=0.0;
       cout<<"enter student's score : "<<endl;
             cout<<"enter student score :";
      cout<<"average :"<<av <<endl;
      cout<<"maximum : "<<max<<endl;
       cout<<"minimum : " <<min<<endl;
     return 0;

    i didnt run it on my compiler but i hope it works

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