Thread: string to char array?

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    string to char array?

    Hi again.

    The situation:
    string un[ not_important ];
    char username[24];
    username = un[ not_important ]; //error happens here 
    if(strcmp(input, username) == 0)
         //blah; input is a character array
    The error I get is as follows:
    incompatible types in assignment of 'string' to 'char[24]'

    I've looked around and so far I haven't come up with anything.

    ELABORATE IDEA #1! : I thought about simply making username a string, instead of a character array. But then it won't pass into strcmp().

    Any fixes?

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    Stick to using strings for everything unless you absolutely need a char array for something

    For example, you should be able to do this with two strings
    if ( input == username ) {
        // blah
    Remember, these are classes you're dealing with, so operator overloading applies and == should be overloaded to do the "right thing"
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    You cannot assign a char-array like that. Use strcpy (for char array)and c_str (for std::string objects). By using only std::string objects would certainly make life easier.
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    'tis been done. Thanks for the help. It works...

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