Thread: Arrow key input?????

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    Question Arrow key input?????

    How do you get input for the arrow keys??? I tried getche() and it gave me a weird a that kinda looked like a fish sign. and i tried the FAQ's. (That search tool is so unhelpfull that it has no purpose) Thank in advance.

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    This piece of code should work:
    int test;
    for(int i=1;i<250;i++)
        test = getch();
        if ( test == 0 || test == 224 )
            test = 256 + getch();
        cout << test << endl;

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    if you are programming in a windows environment, one easy method is to use GetAsyncKeyState( VK_CODE )

    if you are checking for letter input, just check the capitol letter of the key you are checking for in single quotes, such as

    GetAsyncKeyState( 'A' );

    otherwise you need to know the virtual key codes. some useful ones are

    VK_PREVIOUS // this one isnt obvious, but its pg up
    VK_NEXT // like the last one, this one is hard to figure out, its pg down
    VK_MENU // another not-so-obvious one. this is the alt key

    you can probably find all of these somewhere if you do a search for virtual-key codes, or if you are using MSVC, they are in the help files.

    to get this function, just include <windows.h>
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    Probably functions to do this for you (like above), but on the FAQ Board (bottom of General Programming Boards, I go there rarely though), I found the following code (written by BMJ but I have it formatted to my liking):

    #include <iostream>
    #include <windows.h>
    bool Keypress( char &Key );
    bool Keypress( char &Key )
      INPUT_RECORD Event;
      DWORD NumberOfEvents, EventsRead, EventCounter;
      GetNumberOfConsoleInputEvents( GetStdHandle( STD_INPUT_HANDLE ), &NumberOfEvents );
      if( NumberOfEvents == 0 )
        return false;
      for( EventCounter = 0; EventCounter < NumberOfEvents; EventCounter++ )
        PeekConsoleInput( GetStdHandle( STD_INPUT_HANDLE ), &Event, 1, &EventsRead );
        if( ( Event.EventType == KEY_EVENT ) && ( ( Event.Event.KeyEvent.bKeyDown ) ) )
          ReadConsoleInput( GetStdHandle( STD_INPUT_HANDLE ), &Event, 1, &EventsRead );
          Key = Event.Event.KeyEvent.wVirtualKeyCode;
          if( !( FlushConsoleInputBuffer( GetStdHandle( STD_INPUT_HANDLE ) ) ) )
          exit( 0 );
          return true;
          ReadConsoleInput( GetStdHandle( STD_INPUT_HANDLE ), &Event, 1, &EventsRead);
      return false;
    int main( void )
      char Key;
      for( ; ; )
        if( Keypress( &Key )
          if( Key == VK_UP )
            std::cout << "You pressed up.";
          else if( Key == VK_DOWN )
            std::cout << "You pressed down.";
          else if( Key == VK_RIGHT )
            std::cout << "You pressed right.";
          else if( Key == VK_LEFT )
            std::cout << "You pressed left.";
          else if( Key == VK_ESCAPE )
      return 0;
    You could switch the if statements for switch cases if you want. I don't know if this is really old, but it works and it's there if you want it.

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    hmm, that's a ton of code just for a key test, what i use in my projects is something like so:

    	int keyHit=getch();
    	cout << keyHit;
    	if(keyHit==224)	// Sent when a special key is sent,
    	{		// such as an arrow key or f# keys
    		int subKey=getch();
    		cout << "\nspecial char: "<< subKey;
    	cout << endl;
    oh, the kbhit function is something that i used because without it, the game locks up, and I actually used this in some of my very first games on the dos console (an asteroids game and a platform game, both drawn completely with letters and numbers )

    if you would like to see those original games, you can get them from my site:

    Jeff Verkoeyen's Portfolio

    or just go to:
    direct link
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    >and i tried the FAQ's
    You didn't try very hard, did you?
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