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    Question Libraries question

    Is there any website or somthing that has a complite list of universal C++ libraries and the commands they contain???????

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    here's a pretty good start:

    Might want to get a copy if the ISO standard. The "list" of standard libraries is probably buried in there somewhere.

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    source: compsci textbooks,, world wide web, common sense

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    ... And my favorite reference is:

    I wouldn't say it's universal Most compilers have additional non-standard finctions & libraries. But, I do believe it is a complete reference to all the functions, constants, and structures, etc., in the ANSI standard. Although it's complete, its a little light on the explanations and examples. You can use the online reference free, or you can download it for about $20.

    You can download the ANSI C++ standard for about $20. (Or you can buy a hard copy for about $200.) I have the PDF version. It's great having the "real thing", but like any standard, it's written for accuracy and completeness... It's not written so that it's easy to read and understand. Also, it's difficult to find what you're looking for in 500+ non-hyperlinked pages. Finally, there are references back to the C standard, so you really need that too... another 500 non-hyperlinked pages for another $20.

    If there are any complete reference books (other than the ANSI language standards), I haven't found them yet.

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