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    I searched the board, but haven't found anything that answers my question. How do you get mouse input in a console? I'm pretty sure this has been asked quite a few times from what I found during my search, but out of those I didn't get an answer. I know how to get things like arrow keys but not the mouse. So does anyone want to tell me (or again ) how to get mouse input. I'm using Dev-C++ and Windows ME (just in case). I know it's possible within a console, because I've seen a couple of programs with it. I couldn't find the code in these programs though. So, any help is helpful...

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    there's a couple ways to do it:

    1) use GetCursorPos and check the difference between the current and last position and then move the "selection" in the console by that much


    POINT lastPos;
    int dosPosX=0;
    int dosPosY=0;
    while(some condition)
    	POINT cursorPos;
    	dosPosX+=(cursorPos.x-lastPos.y)/8;  // Move one position for every 8 pixels the mouse changed
    // The code above might want to be changed, i just whipped this together right now and don't have time to test it (my battery is almost dead on my laptop :()
    // but this should work somewhat decently, just if they move less than 8 pixels per test, it won't move at all, so it would
    // be better to implement some sort of accumulator that would take the remainder and not throw it out
    2) another way is to research some Dos-development communities (if there really are any) and ask around for a better way to do this....

    -hope that helps

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    If you have a compiler that can use the interrupts from DOS, check out for interrupt 0x33
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    There are lots of tutorials on the Web

    If you search the web for "mouse input console" you should find several sites that have examples. Basically what you have is a function ReadConsoleInput. This function accepts a data structure called INPUT_RECORD which contains another data structure MOUSE_EVENT which tells you the state of you mouse. Right button clicked or x and y position. You create a handler routine to fetch the records one at atime just like in a normal windows application inspect each record if it is a mouse event then give it to a mouse handler if it is a keyboard event then you give it to the keyboard handler. I have a program I created in visual C++ that i was using to play aorund with the console maybe it can give you some ideas.

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