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    Unhappy help with exe files

    Is there a way i can open up an .exe file and see the code that generated it???????

    the program i want to open up was written with C++
    some type of disassembler or something.

    #include <iostream.h>
    void main(void){
    char t[7] = "Thanks";

    cout<< t <<endl;

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    go to:

    It has a list of several decompilers. You can also look at any programs assembly code using a debugger, but good luck understanding it.

    Out of all the stuff on that list, I suggest SoftIce. It looks the best, but it cost money. I found myself a copy of it on the net, but I had no use for it, so I stuck it on a CD to get it off the HD.
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    You should probably be aware that it's often illegal to simply decompile programs, especially commercial ones. That's usually stated in the license agreement. I suppose no one would know and no harm done if you're just looking at it, but if you were to use any of it, or arguably base your code on it, you could be in for criminal and/or civil penalties if caught.
    Open Source licensing would probably let you decompile, but then you ought to be able to get the code anyway.
    I'm not a lawyer, but if you used the code, even though it didn't specifically say it was copyrighted, you could be in for at least civil trouble, although you probably can't get in trouble for just decompiling in that case.
    Check to be sure you're allowed to decompile first!

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