Thread: extracting info from strdate

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    extracting info from strdate

    // The program below gives the output "10/010/01"
    //But I only want the dd of mm/dd/yy.
    //How do I extract just the day? Thanks.

    #include <time.h>
    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <string.h>

    int main()

    char datebuf[9];
    char day[2];
    char *digit1=&datebuf[3];
    char *digit2=&datebuf[4];

    return 0;


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    > char day[2];
    You need at least 3 chars to store "dd\0" - gotta remember that \0 when dealing with 'C' style strings

    > char *digit1=&datebuf[3];
    > char *digit2=&datebuf[4];
    Ok, but unnecessary...

    > strcpy(day,digit1);
    > strcat(day,digit2);
    This is where the problem is - using strcpy and strcat to copy single chars
    day[0] = datebuff[3];
    day[1] = datebuff[4];
    day[2] = '\0';
    Or if you insist on using a str... function
    strncpy( day, &datebuff[3], 2 );
    day[2] = '\0';
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    Thanks so much, Salem.

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