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    Couple of Questions...

    is there a random script in c++? i want a program to pick a number between 1 and 4(for example), then assign that to a certain variable. how would i do that?

    also, what is a variable that can hold more than 1 letter? i know there has to be one.....right?!

    THANX! also, please include easy to understand coding on each, some of u guys clubber it all together. thx

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    Look for the rand() function and learn about pointers, especially char ones.
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    also, what is a variable that can hold more than 1 letter?
    You can use an array of chars like
    char name[30] but that only read up until a space i BELIEVE.

    also use a string included in the string library

    string name;

    and use getline function to input the name.

    getline(cin, name, 30);
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