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    fopen, fclose

    	char *my_args[4];
    	char wintitle[] = "NipponRO.exe";
    	char ip[16];
    	FILE *get_ip;
    	get_ip = fopen("C:\\Progra~1\\Gravity\\RO\\Data\\Image.bmp","r");
    	if(get_ip == NULL)
    		return 0;
    	if(get_ip != NULL)
    	ifstream fin;
    	ofstream fout;
    	char args_one[19] = strcpy("-t ", ip);
    Can someone please explain to me why this is telling me that "-t " and ip are pointers? And how to fix it? Thx

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    char *strncpy( char *to, const char *from, size_t count );
    So you're copying ip to "-t ", which doesnt make sense.

    Still, it looks like you're trying to use C file IO with C++ file IO.
    Why not simply stick to C++ file IO?

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